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Hillcrest Hawk

The past few years have been eventful -two babies and a home renovation!  Even more changes are coming… I am about to begin as a Third Grade Teacher at Hillcrest Elementary, and I can't wait!
I grew up in Lake Wales, FL.  I attended Lake Wales Senior High School, then I went off to Florida State University.  I moved back home, enrolled at Webber International University, got married, started my career, and finished up grad school. 
For the past 7.5 years, I worked at Florida’s Natural Growers, as a Data Analyst, crunching numbers and making projections, then as a Sales Merchandizer, traveling all over the U.S., and as finally as a Product Manger, organizing volunteers, leading events, making presentations, doing lots of graphic design, and whatever else came my way.   
Then wham! It hit me.  I wanted to spend more time with my kids.  I wanted to be on their schedule as they got closer to school age.  I did some researching, investigating, and soul searching, and after much encouragement and support from my family, I applied for and accepted the position at Hillcrest.  
The last few weeks have been crazy.  I’ve been cramming for tests, wrapping up things at FNG, and navigating through the world of Elementary Education.  The more I learn, the more passionate and excited I become.  This is a place I can harness my creativity in a purposeful and meaningful way! 
I remember all my favorite jobs/projects: life guard, work camp counselor, summer camp leader, volunteer coordinator, arts and crafts teacher, and I am reminded how my favorite jobs all revolved around teaching, kids, and learning.



I love: Art, Boating, Charcoal Grills, Chocolate, Christmas, Coffee, Color, Conversations, Decorating, Design, Entertaining, Ethnic Food, Events, Exercise, Family, Fashion, Fresh Cut Grass, Friends, Glitter, God, Green, Jasmine, Kisses, Lakes, Music, Names, New Places, Orange Blossoms, Organizing, People, Quotes, Sailing, Smiles, Speed, Style, Sunshine, Thrift Stores, Traveling, Trees, Words, & Writing…

2 thoughts on “Hillcrest Hawk

  1. You are going to be great at this! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. So proud to be your friend!

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