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How Not To Hang Curtains

I’ve been feeling a little helpless. I’m not supposed to climb ladders, paint with strong fumes, lift heavy things, be outside (Zika scare), run (too hot in Central Florida) or do many of my other pre-pregnant normal activities. So I’ve been focusing on small, safe tasks like sanding baseboards and trim, and cleaning up after the boys as they renovate. However, my impatience got the best of me. My girlfriend came over and we made up our mind to hang curtains in the newly painted baby room. After all, we had seen it done before. How hard could it be? I supervised as she carefully measured and pre-drilled holes. I handed her the anchor screws and she tapped them in. Then the metal fixtures went up along with the screws. We found a battery powered lighted electric drill with a hammer like tap. We thought it would be great. After stripping a few screw heads we admired our work. Upon inspecting the next morning, my husband informed me I was fired from being handy and banished back to sanding baseboards and trim. The hooks weren’t exactly flush because the anchors didn’t tap in all the way. On my lunch break, I carefully unscrewed the hooks and attempted to dislodge the anchors so I could re-drill the holes a bit larger, and tap them in properly. I yanked the little protrusion with the end of a splicing pliers (that’s all I could find). A huge chunk of drywall flew across the room and landed on the rug below. I looked up hopelessly. I found the spackle and at once tried to cover up my crater. 5 more hooks to go, 2 screws each. Spackle, sanding, paint. I created about 4 hours of unnecessary work and a mess. To top it off, I don’t have curtains in the baby’s room. Back to square one. Moral of the story – now I think I know how to hang curtains properly, but I’m too drained to try, and my hormones are getting the best of me. 



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